Possible Contributions

Sometimes some users suggest nice additions in our User Group but we (agile42) do not plan to implement them in the near term. So if you want to contribute to Agilo, this list is a good start:

  • As an Agilo Administrator I want to remove the 'Assign To' field for new tickets so that developers can work the scrum way by pulling their work (Remove "Assign to" field for new tasks?).
  • As an Agilo Administrator I want to disable ticket deletion button in the sprint backlog so that I can not accidentally delete tickets. (Alternative: Add a confirmation)
  • As a Product Owner I want to see calculated properties in the backlog CSV export as well.
    • Implementation sketch by Felix Schwarz: The BacklogContentConverter need also to gather all calculated ticket fields, after that they will be included in the export.
  • As an Eclipse User I want to use Mylyn to see and edit tasks, stories and tickets so I can work completely from eclipse and don't have to leave my tool.

Bugfixes / Enhancements to external tools that we depend on

  • Enhance jQuery to set the name of methods in a way that is understood by Firebug and the WebKit Inspector. This would make debugging so much easier. See this bugreport as a starting point.
  • Fix the bug in jQuery UI Sortable that calculates overlaps incorrectly making drag'n'drop of items with different size than the placeholder much harder. See this bug for details.

Getting Code into Agilo

At the moment we require each contributor to sign a contributors license agreement - after that you can get your own ID for our development trac and access to the SVN. We will review patches at first to make sure they have the quality that we require - but thats all.

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