Plugins & Enhancements

This page lists plugins and other enhancements that where specifically programmed for Agilo.

Trac itself supports a large number of plugins that add almost any functionality you could dream of. Please note: Third-party Trac plugins are not covered by support contracts offered by Agilo Software. We try to stay as compatible to plugins as we can and bug reports are appreciated, but if a plugin doesn't behave well and then clashes with Agilo, there's not much we can do about it. We are sure you understand that.

Find the List of Trac Plugins on Trac and Trac Hacks.

Windows SVN Commit Hooks

Windows has problems passing multiline text via variables in .bat files, which makes it necessary to do that in a python script. Thanks a bunch to Markus Müller for providing the windows bat files to do so.


Simple Ticket Report plugin

This plugin allows you to get an estimate for how long working on tasks actually took the team. It achieves this by data-mining the versioning information that Trac stores for all tickets.

This can of course never be accurate, it could however give your team a nice feedback mechanism to improve its estimation skill.

More information and Download

Story & Task Linker Script

This script links tasks with stories in batch mode. You just provide story ID and range of task IDs.

More information and Download

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