Trac and Agilo are very configurable. More so than is exposed through the Admin GUI. Our priority has been to expose more of this configurability through the GUI but not build a lot of checks that validate these settings. Therefore you can configure Agilo in a way that doesn't make sense and can sometimes even break it. So a bit of care is advisable in configuring it.

  • You can configure links from ticket types to themselves or to another type that create a cycling link. This is not supported and can lead to very strange side effects.
  • Sprint and Milestone are expected to only contain ascii, spaces, '-' and '_'.
    • Ticket-Type Names in addition are expected to be lowercase not to contain spaces. (But we have the Type-Alias with all it's utf-8 glory for that)
  • Trac Plugins generally work, but we do not support them from our professional support. Especially if they tie into the ticket system of trac and are not very careful in doing so, they might break Agilo.
  • Renaming Stuff can easily break. If you want to rename milestones or sprints - it's best to do so before any actual work on them has started. It can be done, but there's no guarantee that all dependent stuff is updated correctly. Bug reports are welcomed as we try to fix these over time.
  • If you want to show a ticket-type in the backlog, it needs to either have outgoing links to something that has a remaining_time (transitive is ok) or have a remaining_time itself. (Having outgoing links will treat it as a container - like a story, having remaining_time treats it like a task).
  • The whiteboard only shows Stories, Bugs and Tasks right now and only in the default hierarchy.
  • The whiteboard has only a limited grasp of trac workflows. Basically every ticket status that is not 'new' or 'closed' is rendered as 'in progress'. We try to find proper statuses and status transitions to trigger trac-workflows where possible, but for complex workflows that may not work and we have to fall back to forcing a ticket status.
  • The permission system in Agilo is too fine grained for some users. We have found that some teams end up just disabling it (by giving everyone elevated privileges) to work around it's limitations.
  • Slowdowns with many tickets in Backlogs: Agilo allows a big corporate use. That is you can comfortably plan for several teams for several months of work in the future. If you want to do fine grained planning for more than 3-6 months in the future for 6 to 10 teams though, you will run into limitations in rendering speeds on the backlog. Just as you will run into limits where it's hard to work with the concept of a backlog as prioritizing items by drag'n'drop is becoming increasingly hard. Plan Epics in the future and focus breakdown efforts on stories in the next sprints where it generates the most value to avoid this.
  • Very large ticket descriptions (> 10 kb) can break rendering of that ticket in Firefox. You can either move part of the description into a comment or use a different browser.
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