Finding Errors

Backlog Page

If your backlog does not show up, you can usually find the problem by using this checklist:

  1. Clear your browser cache.
  2. If you used trac-admin deploy, please make sure that you re-deployed after installing the Agilo version.
  3. Enable Firebug (or Safari/Chrome developer tools) and check if you see some Javascript errors.
  4. On the backlog page (even if it just shows a spinner), type this command in the firebug console: controller.model.validateBacklogIntegrity() This should give you some error output (actually I don't know yet why these errors don't show up nicely in the UI)
  5. If the problem occurs on the whiteboard, type this command in the firebug console (even if it just shows a spinner): board.backlog.validateBacklogIntegrity()
  6. Check if you modified the default linking configuration:
    • Tasks should not link to any other type
    • a type must not link to another item of the same type
    • Stories should link to tasks (the admin interface currently has a weak spot when enforcing these constraints)
  7. Check if you modified the default field configuration:
    • Tasks must have a field 'remaining_time'
    • No 'container' type (which can link to other tickets) must have the field 'remaining_time'.
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