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Suggested codename: SIMPLICITY ;-)

GvdM: In my opinion, we want to move Agilo outside of Trac. Currently we loose a lot of time mangling Trac to reach our goals. (For instance, I'm having to overwrite a lot of Trac templates and CSS files, there is a lot of work with compatibility issues in even incremental trac updates). I propose to set up loose coupling between the issue tracker and the Agilo planning tool. This is also the only way to have a fluid interface and still retain a full vanilla trac UI.

We use Trac as an Issue Tracker with a loose coupling to Agilo, probably just being able to attach issues to Sprints or Release Sprints, and having synchronized users. It has the added benefit that by having a loose coupling, we could also couple to another issue tracker like Jira. Other views (like the Drag and Drop Planning Board) will also be easier to make, since it is just a view on our own model. Lastly it will be easier to set up the SaaS approach, since we can deploy svn, trac and agilo on different server platforms. We can move a lot of heavy lifting to the client CPU by using loose coupling and javascript.

The systems are layered as shown in the diagram below:

Trac and Agilo have minimal internal communication. We can use the Trac XMLRPC plugin to load/write data from Trac in the Agilo interface, so we loose the overhead of dealing with the trac templates. (As an extra bonus, we also don't have to deal with other plugins.) As far as I can see, the only things trac and Agilo have to share is timing information (sprint or release vs. milestone) and for smooth operation user authorisation. All issues stay in trac, all planning stays in Agilo.

I have done some quick experiments. XMLRPC is ridiculously easy to consume in Python (even I got it to work in a couple of minutes) - direct in Javascript should also be possible, but this will require some more tinkering. Not spend the time yet to get that to work.

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