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Domain Model

I have started to develop Scrum Metrics for the next Agilo version. The idea behind metrics is 1st is to derive and provide useful numbers from the available data, in order to make the Scrum process more transparent and measurable for users. One benefit could be a more reliable Burndown Chart. The 2nd idea is to provide tool support for resources planning etc., so that -- for example -- nag calculations during the planning meetings can be automated.

I sketched a first domain model for the metrics component. Most of it belongs to the "metrics" package. But it also introduces new domain classes for the "scrum" package.

Comments welcome!

ANdreaT: Hi Sibby :-) I think the model is ok, at least for a first round, I will have to merge the Sprint and Backlog object probably, I implemented the complemetary relation now, but no problem, should work :-) As naming convention in python (Trac as well) the model package normally contains the DB access info as well... and the controller, if is really big, you can put in a separate module called core or it is normally enough to have a web_ui that will provide exchange between the templates (in Genshi) and the model. Looking forward to see some functional and unittest too ;-)

BTW: I put the image as attachment to the local page and add the link to that ;-) You can replace it, checking the appropriate box when uploading the new version ;-)

Sibby: Thanks for the hints. :-)

How can we derive the hours a Team Member can contribute to the Sprint?

Any suggestions how to automatically provide the working hours for a Team Member? The first shot should be to either provide a text field or to derive from an average hours per day field. But in the long-term I hold that an automated calculation would only make sense, if it is more precise than the manual calculation. So we should consider to implement a schedule for Team Members. The schedule could contain the usual working time for each weekday, so that we could also handle part time developers.

We should also take into account, that the Planning Meeting, the Daily Scrum, and the Review Meeting must be subtracted from the capacity hours. So we could either define a policy, that a Sprint's start should be set to after the Planning and that a Sprint's end should be set to before Review, or there should be time contingents, that the Scrum Master can define as default for each Team Member and Sprint.

ANdreaT: I would go for the Team Member scheduler, and everyone will have to fill the calendar date with the available time, by default we can set it to 6 ideal hours. Related to the Sprint Planning and Review Meeting, I would consider them outside of the capacity, even if not fully correct. The alternative would be to remove them from the available time as you said, but how? Should we make a kind of Task with hours? Or we consider it to be 4h every time?

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