AgiloTicket is the "wrapper" of the trac.ticket.Ticket, it is the central point of trac Ticket extensions, it encapsule the following additional features:

  • Ticket linking, can create link to other AgiloTicket
  • Ticket Typing, the AgiloTicket knows its type and visualize itself accordingly. From a model perspective the "enforcing" of the type is not activated though, it means that all the fields are still sett-able and gett-able, this allow to change ticket type at runtime, without the need to delete and create a new one, loosing the Ticket ID.


It may make sense to integrate into the AgiloTicket also a way to control its editing and access rights, based on the type and on the ownership informations. Because this feature will be highly used would make sense to create a specialized Trac Component to handle authentication and the PermissionCache.

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