One Tool, One Vision…

It is important to share and develop a Vision together, and from here we could generate new requirements for the next version.

Next Release: 0.7 (Freedom)

What I think about the next most important step to achieve with the next release:

1) Trac 0.11 is close to be released, has a much better support for workflow and some limitation related to the previous version have been addressed. Most of all will allow us to get rid of Clearsilver template engine in favor of Genshi a pure python solution that will allow more users, including Windows users to easily install and use trac, therefore agilo :-)

2) The tool should be easier to install and use, there should be documentation?, examples and whatever else could bring the users closer to the tool and to use it effectively. This would include an installer, or installation procedure more automated, including also the download and installation of dependent software libraries. It would be nice to be able to redistribute installer for platforms, that includes a version with embedded trac, and one that just goes on top of it


It is still not clear yet, if we will [NewArchitecture switch to a complete rewriting of the tool], or we will continue to evolve the trac infrastructure, we need to have more detailed feedbacks also about the feasibility to build a business model around it. Fact is that we will need to focus on the following major points:

  • Usability: The User Experience should be more Scrum Centric, and not too much driven by Trac issues, or limitations. We want to have a Web 2.0 app, we are in 2008!
  • Multi Project: Everyone doing Scrum seriously has more than one project. We need to find a way to support it, it could be an option to sell the extensions for multiproject and make business out of it.
  • Support other Processes: at the moment is not an issue, we are still far a way from having reached penetration on the Scrum market, but think about it is a good thing.


Here are some ideas in discussion:

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