Knowledge-Base of Non-Functional Requirements

Sibby: I want to start a discussion about how to improve the handling of non-functional requirements with Agilo.

Yet non-functional requirements (NFRs) in Agilo are just requirements as any functional requirements. While I was watching people using Agilo I came to the idea that it would be practical to provide particular functionality for dealing with NFRs.

NFRs have this special characteristics similar to a policy that must be respected. Of course, if a new NFR is introduced, it will go into the Sprint Backlog, because mostly actions have to be taken to implement the NFR for existing functionality. Once this is done, the NFR will not show up in the Sprint Backlog anymore, but it is still valid. The question is: How can we make NFRs easily accessible for everybody?

Here are some ideas:

  • Introduce a ticket type for NFR, so we can handle that differently.
  • Make them accessible by a special report.
  • Enable the ability to link User Stores to NFRs (maybe there is a more practical way than just typing the ticket number into the description field).
  • Automatically create an inverse link, so that one can see which User Stories are affected by a particular NFR. This is very helpful, if there is a need to change a NFR.
  • ...
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