Sibby: I want to start a discussion about how to improve the handling of time contingents that can be reserved for a sprint.

At DHD24 we decided to implement a so called Operation Backlog (OBL), in order to establish a well defined process of handling task that come up on a daily basis. We called those tasks Operation Tasks (OT), because they are about small operational/maintenance actions. Such have to be done by the developers, because there is no dedicated operations department. I am talking about something like manually repairing the data of a broken transaction in the db and so on. The product owners reserved a 10% time contingent of the team's overall capacity for OTs. Good so far.

If a team member accepts a ticket from the OBL, she can assign it to the current sprint, and the OT will then show up in the Sprint Backlog. The problem is, that we cannot allow the team members to set an estimated time yet, because it would push up the burndown graph. Since the team's capacity is already reduced by the 10% contingent for doing OTs, the burndown would show an unrealistic dramatic situation. That must be avoided. On the other hand it would be necessary to save the estimated time for each task. Here is where my suggestion comes into play.

I suggest to implement the ability to link a ticket type directly to a contingent (maybe the other way round would be more practical). The estimated time of such a ticket would not influence the ticket type. Each ticket of that type would have another field "spent time" that the assignee can maintain. Each time the "spent time" field is increased, the contingent time will be automatically reduced.

This solution could also also be helpful for dealing with bugs and whatever there might come.

In addition to that we could have an additional progress bar for each contingent on the Scrum Dashboard, that shows the the sum of the consumed and remaining (estimated) time, as a forecast.

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