Sprint Backlog

Top button bar

Status Input Tooltip
Done Show My Tickets Show all tickets assigned or owned by the current user
Done Hide/Show Closed Tickets Hide or Show tickets that are closed or done

Sprint Table

Status Input Tooltip
Done checkbox Select this ticket for deletion
Partial input Remaining Time Enter the amount of remaining hours for this task
Partial input Owner Select the Owner of this task
Partial input Resources Enter other people working on this task, separated by commas

Backlog Button Bar

Status Input Tooltip
Partial Confirm Confirm the commitment
Partial Save Save all changes made to the backlog
Partial Sort Sort the Backlog based on Business Value

Tickets Button Bar

Status Input Tooltip
Partial Calculate Extrapolate hours from complexity points
Partial Delete Delete the checked tickets
Partial Remove unknown

Sprint Contingents

Status Input Tooltip
Add Add the filled in Contingent
checkbox Remove Select a Contingent to remove
input Contingent Name for the Contingent
input Amount Contingent length in hours
input Actual Add extra hours to a Contingent
Remove Selected Items Remove checked Contingents
Add to Actual Time Add Actual Hours to the Contingent Amount

Product Backlog

Status Input Tooltip
Partial select Business Value Points Select the relative value of this Requirement
Partial select Priority Select the Priority of this Requirement
Partial select User Story Points Select the relative complexity of this User Story


Roadmap List

Status Input Tooltip
Done Add New Sprint Add a new Sprint to this Milestone
Add New Milestone Add a new Milestone
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