We as the team decided that we want to have many small commits in the repository, because the bigger they get, the more costly they are - now and in the future. We want this, to have a green trunk as much as possible. Some reasons:

  • Large patches are much more likely to do many things
  • It's harder to understand them
  • It's harder to review them
  • Its harder to bisect them to find the commit that introduced a bug
  • Its more likely to break the build

So these things considered, we want to have as small commits as possible. One commit should do one thing only. And there shall be be many of those. :)

What we get from that should be:

  • Incremental development
  • Green trunks
  • Good bisectability -> Fast identification what small change introduced a bug

Which all translates to:

  • Velocity!

So keep on hacking! :-)

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