They should be

  • Short and sweet
  • Easy to make (5-10 minutes, box to 20)
  • Show one feature
  • Give just enough context from the story so you can see what this is for
  • Show users how we intend a feature to be used
  • Occasionally we may decide to do a bigger screencast to show a bigger feature in more detail and with more context.
  • Should start with something like "Welcome to another screencast about the Scrum Tool Agilo. <short pause> Today's topic is ...." <short pause>

They serve as

  • Our Sprint demo to our product owner, so he needs to be able to determine from it if the story is implemented
  • Marketting on the blog and on YouTube to engage people and make Marion a happy camper. ;)

Tools to create them


  • Screenflow should be fine (we have licenses)
  • I (Martin) use
    • Backdrop to get a clean background
    • Quicktime (Snow Leopard edition) to record a screen
    • Trimming in Quicktime has been enough to get rid of a bad start or end


  • xvidcap can record a (cropped) screen
  • Visit about:blank in Firefox, press F11 to get a white backdrop
  • Reencode using avidemux

Best Practices

  • First think about what you want to show
  • Think about context you need to give
  • Prepare some data if need be
  • Hide all data that customers should not see (Passwords, Data about customers)
  • Record and narrate
  • Cut start and end
  • Compress and put into wave
  • Put uncompressed variant into /Gondor/Data/Agile42/Agilo/Screencasts/<year>/<sprint number + sprint name - feature>
  • Mark them clearly if they are not for general consumption or that detail will soon be lost!
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