We consider a task done if

  • What is written in the task is implemented
  • The code written for it was developed test-first (with a decent coverage)
  • There are acceptance tests for it. Using twill if it's not javascript land, and using windmill if we can't avoid it.
    • We greatly prefer unit tests over lots of acceptance tests as they tend to be so slow. Still some Acceptance tests are needed to at least verify that everything is correctly wired together.
  • The functionality is manually tested in IE (if the work touches any aspect of the UI) - as IE 7 is just nasty.

We consider a story done if

  • Acceptance criteria pass and the demo has been prepared
  • 'The PO says so' ie. we can demo the story on the fly to the PO
  • We have release notes and screenshots in the repository
  • We have a short Screencasts demoing the functionality on wave and on gonder.

Things we discuss about

  • Mention Acceptance Criteria for Stories
  • Have updated the manual
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