Building the Agilo for Trac Appliance


  • Install Packer (if not already available)
  • Install VirtualBox (if not already available)
  • Checkout the Agilo for trac appliance packer repository (if not already available)
  • In the checkout folder, run packer build -var 'agilo_binary_path=<the agilo binary you want to install>' agilo-appliance
  • Create a zip archive including the contents of the folder 'output-virtualbox-iso' and the file 'files/Agilo Appliance Guide.pdf'

Possible improvements

  • find a way to pass the path of the binary egg as is into the packer config and script (make sure that the version is correctly shown on the footer when visiting the Agilo homepage)


  • Check that a trial license can be generated and activated
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