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This page was built in the hope that it will develop into something interesting and useful for the development team, should also help to speed up newcomers faster ;-)

Agilo Architecture

Looks like finally we can't escape from the need to make a bit of order in the Product Packaging and flows. This should continue to guarantee a certain level of performance and specific needs, like for example the possibility of make the whole API available via JSON interface, without having to rewrite a lot of controller work that has already been written. So from now on, please contribute and refer to the Architectural Guide Lines. We need to have automatic tests for the complete functionality.

For the User Experience aspects, as well as the development of the Vision, it is probably better to have a Vision. Write in there all your thought and comments, we need to develop it together.

In detail we have implemented some API to ease the life of developers, and also contributors. The APIs are a constant work in progress, so please refer to these as often as you can and help us in improving the documentation as well as the content :-)

How to get the code

The code for the Project can be found on our download-page, just download the Source Package. SVN access is available after you have signed our contributors agreement. To get it, please contact us.

Things you should know

  • You need to run a stable version of Trac: we recommend Trac 0.11 currently, this is what we develop against.
  • Install Agilo as an 'egg-link' by running (and then whenever that file changes - best just after each update)
      python develop
  • The DOM of the page is manipulated heavily by JavaScript - do not trust your browser's "View Source" option, always use the "Inspect Element" option of your favorite DOM explorer (Firebug, Development Tool).

Accumulated knowledge

Design and flow issues we wrestle with every day:

  • Lacking IE support. This is the biggest browser out there, if you wonder why the Windows market is narrow...
  • No graceful support for Scrum roles. Every role is presented with the same tools / dashboard.
  • Conflicting requirements. Javascript based functionalities vs. being able to run without javascript.
  • Development ecosystem. A big chunk of our time is spend wrestling with trac instead of building Agilo.
  • Lacking Backlog sorting and filtering. The Backlog does not provide enough overview - it is lacking quick sorting and filtering.
  • Too much clicking. Breaking down a Story or Requirement is very uncomfortable due to all the required clicking.

Release Process

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