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Welcome to Agilo for Scrum development wiki

This wiki mainly exists for the purpose of supporting the development process, because we decided to not make any user documentation here anymore (explanation below).

Bug Reporting

Please ask in our User Group first if you found a bug. Also make sure that there is not already a bug in the Bug Backlog or the bug as already been closed. This is not a demo server, but the real development server, therefore you should not create test bug or ticket here. If you want to try Agilo online, please use the online test server and register at

To file a bug in this Agilo, please log in as 'agilouser', 'agilouser'.

Agilo Users

We decided to not write/maintain user documentation in the wiki anymore. Instead most documentation is now packaged in your Agilo (click on 'Help/Guide' in the top right navigation bar). You can browse the Agilo help online if you like.

Development Section

This is also the place for guides and documentation for Agilo core developers. More information about the internals can be found on our Development Start Page?. There you should find all the topics and important infos on the tool, technical and suggestion for improvement.

Wiki Structure

We tried to structure the wiki as outlined in #586:

Some nice Agilo 'charts'

Agilo (Sprint 5) Tickets

Hours Burndown Chart

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