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Welcome to Agilo for Scrum development wiki

Some statistics:

Agilo 0.8.1 (Hummingbird) - Sprint 1 Tickets

About this Wiki

This wiki mainly exists for the purpose of supporting the development process, because we decided to not make any user documentation here anymore (explanation below).

It is in the process of re-structuring. We try to establish separated name spaces for different sections. A structure map can be found in ticket #586.

  • agilo/dev/tech for technical information
  • agilo/dev/concept for conceptional stuff from the product management point of view
  • agilo/doc for user documentation We decided to not write/maintain any usage documentation in the wiki anymore. Use the SVN repository instead. There is a new folder agilo/help/contents as a unique source where we can edit and maintain the user doc. So the doc can be easily deployed with each new release.

Not every link is migrated yet. I advise you to maintain the links on demand, every time you edit a page.

Plugins for Agilo

Well, we actually have plugins of our own. Not that many yet, but the community is growing.

Bug Reporting

If you have to report bugs, before make sure that there is not already a bug in the Bug Backlog or the bug as already been closed. This is not a demo server, but the real development server, therefore you should not create test bug or ticket here. If you want to try Agilo online, please use the online test server and register at

Development Section

We need to write down somewhere some thoughts, it looks like this is the right place for such things. I would start a Development Wiki, which will be called Development Start?. There you should find all the topics and important infos on the tool, technical and suggestion for improvement.

Conceptual Section

For the User Experience aspects, as well as the development of the Vision, it is probably better to have a Vision. Write in there all your thought and comments, we need to develop it together.

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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