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#1237 Trac's built-in 'wiki' custom ticket field format is not supported by Agilo Bug new 01/24/2014
#1238 Crash when rendering start date and end date month on sprint backlog view Bug new 02/04/2014
#1239 Manage Custom Tikets Type as User Stories for Taskboard User Story new 02/13/2014
#1240 Manage Custom ticket as Tasks for the Taskboard User Story new 02/13/2014
#1241 Burndown chart not updated when planning rejected stories Bug new 02/17/2014
#1242 initial story point not set when more than one team Bug new 02/17/2014
#1243 Story points burndown is incorrect Bug new 03/03/2014
#1244 Better look for dashboard User Story new 03/03/2014
#1245 Order Actions for the creation of the Agilo tickets User Wish new 03/06/2014
#1246 The select plugin is causing weird problems Bug new 03/10/2014
#1247 Edit Milestone to complete broken Bug new 03/11/2014
#1283 investigate solution for iptables destroyed by libvirt Task new 04/10/2014
#1285 cluster configuration for the two nagios instances Task new 04/11/2014
#1286 EF: agilo for scrum quick tour video Task new 04/11/2014
#1287 webinar from kiss matrics about "Build Habit-Forming Products" Task new 04/11/2014
#1290 investigate problems with chrome 34 Task new 04/16/2014
#1306 agile42 videos User Story accepted 05/05/2014
#1309 Roadmap for starting new scrum teams User Story accepted 05/05/2014
#1319 Pre-printing Task mukawa accepted 05/05/2014
#1320 Migrate from bitten to jenkins User Story accepted 05/06/2014
#1342 preparation Task mukawa accepted 05/07/2014
#1344 rework modal editor Task mukawa accepted 05/07/2014
#1346 draft 1 Task mukawa new 05/07/2014
#1347 New Scrum in a nutshell Task mukawa accepted 05/07/2014
#1355 New Task inPlace editor not working Bug new 07/09/2014
#1357 Check and Refactor Tests User Story new 08/11/2014
#1358 Sprint backlog displays duplicate tickets Bug new 09/23/2014
#1359 Error when creating a link with the target ticket type too long Bug new 09/30/2014
#1360 Removing a ticket type does not refresh the tickets handled by the Sprint backlog Bug new 10/10/2014
#1361 Safari 7.1 and 8.0 crashed when several tickets in the backlog Bug new 11/03/2014
#1362 Whiteboard custom configuration documentation missing Bug new 11/13/2014
#1363 Trac 1.0.2 compatibility User Story accepted 12/08/2014
#1364 Help files patches User Story accepted 12/08/2014
#1365 agile42.com.tr site User Story new 12/08/2014
#1397 Cannot access team statistics page if the team name contains '/' character Bug new 03/25/2015
#1398 Unicode decode error when loading sprint backlog page Bug new 05/29/2015
#1400 Improve type error message, when rule validation applied User Story new 01/04/2016
#1401 Unable to modify fields of existing tickets Bug new 01/27/2016
#1403 Agilo for Trac should support more modern VCS Bug new 06/27/2016
#1404 Automatic notification to shop managers about expiring hosted instances User Story new 07/26/2016
#1405 Permissions documentation needs updating Bug new 08/31/2017
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