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0.7.1 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#584 Side bar not loaded when trac throws an error 0.7.1 Bug new 12/02/2008
#482 Alias not used in custom query pulldown 0.7.1 Bug new 11/11/2008
#509 Custom type names with capital letters do not work 0.7.1 Bug new 11/13/2008

0.7.3 (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#673 RSS feeds not working in Timeline with agilo theme 0.7.3 bug new 01/23/2009
#730 Roadmap tickets counting not consistent 0.7.3 bug new 04/05/2009
#737 Sprint sorting in Roadmap view should be by start date 0.7.3 bug new 04/15/2009
#746 Legend in Charts is covering important informations 0.7.3 bug new 04/20/2009
#679 wiki headers appearing in the sidebar also when no WIKI_VIEW is present 0.7.3 bug new 02/02/2009

0.8.0 (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#824 Plugin admin page looks wrong when page is too small 0.8.0 bug new 07/15/2009
#840 The restrict owner pulldown is not filled till users are logging in 0.8.0 bug andreat new 08/04/2009
#901 svn hook refuses command if when there is more than one space in the commit comment 0.8.0 bug new 09/22/2009
#903 Bug calculating open/planned tickets in sprint page 0.8.0 bug new 09/30/2009
#904 Capacity measurement in Team Sheet is misleading 0.8.0 bug new 09/30/2009
#906 Changing a ticket type can lead to invalid links 0.8.0 bug new 10/08/2009
#909 Windows installer starts Agilo server in single-env mode 0.8.0 bug new 10/12/2009
#915 Closing a sprint, drop down to retarget open tasks shows closed sprints 0.8.0 bug new 10/23/2009
#916 Need to restart agilo to delete a custom type 0.8.0 bug new 10/26/2009
#918 Cannot delete alias for custom type to "deactivate" it 0.8.0 bug new 10/26/2009
#932 TEAM_MEMBER cannot link task to story after creation 0.8.0 bug new 11/10/2009
#945 tracd from Windows installer only listens for ipv4 even though localhost might be resolved to an ipv6 address 0.8.0 bug new 11/17/2009
#1042 ie7: new backlog: edit buttons moved to right by ~10px 0.8.0 bug new 12/18/2009
#1043 ie 7 new backlog: distortion after dragging 0.8.0 bug new 12/18/2009

0.8.3 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#925 The order of Business Rules is not defined? 0.8.3 bug new 11/06/2009

0.8.4 (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1064 [new backlog] rendering breaks when one column is shown twice 0.8.4 bug new 02/05/2010
#1065 [new backlog] showing total_remaining_time and remaining_time with total_remaining_time als alternative breaks rendering 0.8.4 bug new 02/12/2010
#1070 CSV import traceback - Agilo 1.2.1 0.8.4 bug reopened 03/09/2010
#1074 ValueError in several places when rd_points available options contain non-integer values 0.8.4 bug new 03/23/2010
#1075 PATCH: reports available in the sidebar made selectable 0.8.4 bug new 03/26/2010
#1079 retarget open tickets does not move open tasks to 'No Sprint' 0.8.4 bug new 05/27/2010
#1066 RFE : Allow dragging tasks from "Tasks without stories" to a story on whiteboard 0.8.4 enhancement new 02/23/2010
#1067 RFE : List number active in "In Progress" column of whiteboard when collapsed 0.8.4 enhancement new 02/23/2010
#1068 RFE : Provide a "collapse all" button on whiteboard 0.8.4 enhancement new 02/23/2010
#1071 Incompatibility with TicketImport plugin 0.8.4 enhancement new 03/09/2010 (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#913 Sprint start-date can get moved to next day bug reopened 10/22/2009
#1083 Assign Owner popup isn't restricted to team in sprint bug new 08/20/2010
#1089 removing all permissions from anonymous removes cructial permission from TEAM_MEMBERS bug new 01/17/2011
#1092 CSV modify: i_links and o_links can generate wrong custom fields bug new 02/01/2011
#1093 ZeroDivisionError on dashboard when team has no capacity but contingent bug new 02/08/2011
#1098 Cannot import custom types via CSV bug new 02/22/2011
#1100 Renaming Sprints don't change all references to its name bug new 02/24/2011
#1101 Calling function ticket.get() for defined tickets in Agilo return an error bug agilouser new 03/01/2011
#1108 RT/USP ratio is still a default calculated property on a story bug new 03/28/2011
#1111 Team Admin uses Name instead of Username bug new 04/18/2011
#1113 Cannot display ticket type as backlog column bug new 04/26/2011

(empty) (56 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#169 Reserved Custom Properties should not appear in Web Admin bug new 07/05/2008
#1116 Creating a team via Add Team panel in Team Admin page does not work if using Enter in IE8 bug new 05/19/2011
#1118 Plugins section of Admin view is not displaying correctly (Trac 0.12) bug new 11/07/2011
#1119 Agilo seems to block other plugins' css files bug new 11/07/2011
#1121 Team capacity planning view shows the first day of the sprint twice bug new 01/16/2012
#1123 Zero division error when first capacity is not set bug new 03/01/2012
#1124 Cannot set time and changetime fields in CSV Import bug new 02/16/2013
#1142 a4t: Windows Password File Setting Wrong bug new 09/16/2013
#1150 Non-ascii characters make a4t explode when saving capacities bug new 09/16/2013
#1155 Import new tickets (by CSV) doesn't handle case sensitivity and aliases for tickets type correcly bug new 09/16/2013
#1160 Newly created custom ticket fields are not visible until server is restarted bug new 09/16/2013
#1185 Custom Types are shown in Backlog as Tasks Without Stories bug new 09/18/2013
#1231 Ticket auto-preview is clobbering the interface bug new 10/30/2013
#1233 Sprint creation fails when babel is installed bug new 11/19/2013
#1234 Milestone not updated on the UI bug new 11/27/2013
#1235 Burndown is not updated when task is converted to something else bug new 01/06/2014
#1236 Burndonw chart axis not scaled when weekend days not showed bug new 01/20/2014
#1237 Trac's built-in 'wiki' custom ticket field format is not supported by Agilo bug new 01/24/2014
#1238 Crash when rendering start date and end date month on sprint backlog view bug new 02/04/2014
#1241 Burndown chart not updated when planning rejected stories bug new 02/17/2014
#1242 initial story point not set when more than one team bug new 02/17/2014
#1243 Story points burndown is incorrect bug new 03/03/2014
#1246 The select plugin is causing weird problems bug new 03/10/2014
#1247 Edit Milestone to complete broken bug new 03/11/2014
#1355 New Task inPlace editor not working bug new 07/09/2014
#1358 Sprint backlog displays duplicate tickets bug new 09/23/2014
#1359 Error when creating a link with the target ticket type too long bug new 09/30/2014
#1360 Removing a ticket type does not refresh the tickets handled by the Sprint backlog bug new 10/10/2014
#1361 Safari 7.1 and 8.0 crashed when several tickets in the backlog bug new 11/03/2014
#1362 Whiteboard custom configuration documentation missing bug new 11/13/2014
#1397 Cannot access team statistics page if the team name contains '/' character bug new 03/25/2015
#1398 Unicode decode error when loading sprint backlog page bug new 05/29/2015
#1401 Unable to modify fields of existing tickets bug new 01/27/2016
#1403 Agilo for Trac should support more modern VCS bug new 06/27/2016
#1405 Permissions documentation needs updating bug new 08/31/2017
#1232 Product burndown chart enhancement new 11/14/2013
#1245 Order Actions for the creation of the Agilo tickets enhancement new 03/06/2014
#1134 Agilo for Trac - Multiple Projects possible quick win requirement new 09/16/2013
#1135 A4T documentation improvement requirement new 09/16/2013
#1136 Agilo for Trac Backlog Performance, part 2 requirement new 09/16/2013
#1137 AfT new colorful design requirement new 09/16/2013
#1138 Agilo for Trac features page translation requirement new 09/16/2013
#1139 Payment: Agilo for Trac Integration requirement new 09/16/2013
#1140 A4T - Move release tests to build agents requirement new 09/16/2013
#1141 Agilo for Trac translations requirement new 09/16/2013
#1143 Agilo for Trac I18N requirement new 09/16/2013
#1144 Select position in backlog when creating a new ticket requirement new 09/16/2013
#1145 Multiple backlog filtering requirement new 09/16/2013
#1146 Retrospective view requirement new 09/16/2013
#1147 Bugs representation without tasks requirement new 09/16/2013
#1229 Proofread the demo version wiki start page requirement new 10/07/2013
#1133 Multiple Project/Product backlog Support Requirement new 09/16/2013
#1153 Customize Roadmap View story new 09/16/2013
#1156 Documentation about multi-project usage story accepted 09/16/2013
#1157 Clear explanation about the demo account creation in registration page story accepted 09/16/2013
#1158 Remove possibly dead and or unused code written to work around the second precision time_changed property for the ticked model story new 09/16/2013
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