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#824 Plugin admin page looks wrong when page is too small new bug major
#913 Sprint start-date can get moved to next day reopened bug major
#915 Closing a sprint, drop down to retarget open tasks shows closed sprints new bug major
#916 Need to restart agilo to delete a custom type new bug major
#918 Cannot delete alias for custom type to "deactivate" it new bug major
#932 TEAM_MEMBER cannot link task to story after creation new bug major
#945 tracd from Windows installer only listens for ipv4 even though localhost might be resolved to an ipv6 address new bug major
#1042 ie7: new backlog: edit buttons moved to right by ~10px new bug major
#1043 ie 7 new backlog: distortion after dragging new bug major
#1064 [new backlog] rendering breaks when one column is shown twice new bug major
#1065 [new backlog] showing total_remaining_time and remaining_time with total_remaining_time als alternative breaks rendering new bug major
#1083 Assign Owner popup isn't restricted to team in sprint new bug
#1089 removing all permissions from anonymous removes cructial permission from TEAM_MEMBERS new bug
#1092 CSV modify: i_links and o_links can generate wrong custom fields new bug
#1098 Cannot import custom types via CSV new bug Release 0.9.14 - 1.3.14 PRO
#1100 Renaming Sprints don't change all references to its name new bug
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